Our mission

We’ve all experienced or witnessed the human cost of a disconnected healthcare system. Your physician’s office is too busy to take your call. Or worse, there’s a fatal misdiagnosis because a doctor can’t see a loved one’s full medical history. ColigoMed™ was founded in 2021 on the belief that situations like these should never happen.

Our aim is to improve healthcare by connecting patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and payers through full data interoperability and the power of AI. Our digital-health platform makes patient information readily available the moment it’s needed. Its powerful AI allows providers to streamline manual processes and tap into a vast trove of health intelligence. And it empowers patients to be more engaged, informed, and active in managing their health and well being.

Key milestones

ColigoMed™ is founded.
Received $2.2M in seed funding.
ColigoMed™ integrates with EHR systems with 80% market share.
300,000 patients on ColigoMed™ platform.
$5M total funding raised.

Leadership team

ColigoMed’s senior-leadership team has decades of combined experience building technology solutions for the healthcare, financial technology, supply chain, retail, and fraud and compliance industries. Its engineering leaders are located in the US, Romania, Vietnam, and India and have worked with founder Naidu Annamaneni for more than 15 years. ColigoMed’s investors and advisors include a distinguished list of practicing physicians, medical specialists, academic leaders, and executives in the healthcare and technology industries.

Naidu Annamaneni

Naidu Annamaneni

Founder and CEO

Srividya Sunderamurthy

Srividya Sunderamurthy

Co-founder and CPO

Ramarao Lankipalli

Dr. Ramarao Lankipalli

Co-founder and CMO

See what our providers and
patients are saying

We always knew which patients needed the most help. But working with ColigoMed™, we’ve been able to scale our preventative model of care to manage larger populations and provide a level of intimate-care coordination that wasn’t possible before. ColigoMed™ is connecting us, unifying our patient health data, and helping us transition our patient population to better care.

When ColigoMed’s care team started treating my parents, a huge burden was lifted. They immediately consulted my parents’ doctors to review their medications, began monitoring their blood pressure, and they educated us on health plan benefits we weren’t aware of— like meal delivery and transportation. Most importantly, they built relationships with my parents that earned their trust.

ColigoMed is an amazing, digital-health platform that helps patients and families more easily navigate the healthcare system. And it’s designed to improve the patient’s health outcomes regardless of their condition. Speaking for hospital leaders and clinicians, this is the care-coordination solution we’ve hoped would be available for suburban and rural hospitals.

Connecting my transplant team and primary care team and sharing health records with my insurance provider and doctors, was such a painful process. Not anymore! ColigoMed makes it easy to share my health records with care providers and family, and even my wellness program, nutritionist, mental health support, and my spiritual advisor.

Living over an hour away from the VA hospital makes it hard to attend a full day of medical appointments. Then my doctor recommended doing Telehealth visits using ColigoMed. Now, without leaving my living room, I can be seen by my doctors and care team. They can easily check in on my health and remotely monitor my blood pressure, medications, pain, and mental health. I can even send them pictures of my wounds to see how they’re healing.