A care-continuum platform for more connected experiences

Solving today’s healthcare problems won’t happen with point solutions alone. That’s why we took a platform approach built on data interoperability and enhanced with AI-generated insights. Our platform is customizable for a range of solutions and designed to ease the burden on providers by automating manual tasks and streamlining patient care.

Multi-Agent Process System diagram

Prior Authorization

Automate manual processes and reduce opportunities for human error. Our AI bots simplify and speed up prior authorizations so your care teams can spend more time with patients, and less time on the phone with payers. Unlike other solutions, ColigoAuth is focused on the patient and sends regular notifications so they’re always updated on their authorization.

Transition of Care

Simplify discharges by automating the documentation process and giving hospitalists all the information they need to assess patients. Our AI-powered analytics also analyze a patient’s health data and medical history, allowing hospitalists to recommend remote patient monitoring and reduce readmission rates.

Data Unifier Hub

The Data Unifier Hub breaks down silos and makes health data interoperable. By integrating with EHRs, health information exchanges, health and fitness devices, labs, and pharmacies, the Hub enables the seamless sharing of information among providers, patients, and payers in clean, easy-to-read formats.

AI Copilots

Finding answers and getting guidance on one’s medical care and procedures can be a frustrating, overly-complex experience. Our AI Copilots make it as simple as texting a friend. Patients can text the Copilot 24×7 to ask about medications, identify a symptom, confirm preparations for a procedure—and even schedule appointments.

See what our providers and
patients are saying

We always knew which patients needed the most help. But working with ColigoMed™, we’ve been able to scale our preventative model of care to manage larger populations and provide a level of intimate-care coordination that wasn’t possible before. ColigoMed™ is connecting us, unifying our patient health data, and helping us transition our patient population to better care.

When ColigoMed’s care team started treating my parents, a huge burden was lifted. They immediately consulted my parents’ doctors to review their medications, began monitoring their blood pressure, and they educated us on health plan benefits we weren’t aware of— like meal delivery and transportation. Most importantly, they built relationships with my parents that earned their trust.

ColigoMed is an amazing, digital-health platform that helps patients and families more easily navigate the healthcare system. And it’s designed to improve the patient’s health outcomes regardless of their condition. Speaking for hospital leaders and clinicians, this is the care-coordination solution we’ve hoped would be available for suburban and rural hospitals.

Connecting my transplant team and primary care team and sharing health records with my insurance provider and doctors, was such a painful process. Not anymore! ColigoMed makes it easy to share my health records with care providers and family, and even my wellness program, nutritionist, mental health support, and my spiritual advisor.

Living over an hour away from the VA hospital makes it hard to attend a full day of medical appointments. Then my doctor recommended doing Telehealth visits using ColigoMed. Now, without leaving my living room, I can be seen by my doctors and care team. They can easily check in on my health and remotely monitor my blood pressure, medications, pain, and mental health. I can even send them pictures of my wounds to see how they’re healing.